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10 Heart Touching Stories about Animals Saving Human Lives

By Christopher Paul, 24 June 2018


We’ve all heard remarkable stories of animals saving human lives. Most of them are pets while some of them involve animals that had no connection to the victim. This just goes to show that animals sense danger and can be and are willing to be protective of lives other than theirs. They are not as dumb or unintelligent as we perceive them to be. When taken into our homes as pets, these animals are given love and care and they slowly learn to give back that though love, loyalty and protection.

Humans and Animals


We as humans have quite the unique relationship with animals. We are very dissimilar but we unite through the common need for love and connection. Even though we humans consider animals to be inferior as they lack intelligence and understanding, they have often surprised us by showing how loving and caring they can be.


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Are Only Pets Loyal and Protective?


Yes and no, in many cases stray animals have shown how they can be more protective than domesticated ones. There have been many instances where children have fallen into zoo enclosures and the animals in there did not harm but protected the child from danger. But in the larger picture, yes, in most cases domestic pets that have been shown love and compassion are more likely to risk their lives to save their owners.


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Why Would Stray Animals Protect Humans?


It has been known that some animals are ready to help other animals. Animals such as dolphins are known to help weaker animals or those animals in need. Many animals see children as helpless and when in danger are ready to spring into action to save them.


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1Labrador Retriever Saves Disabled Owner


Endal was a Labrador Retriever who was assigned as the service dog for a retired Navy Chief by the name of Petty Officer Allen Parton in the late 1990s. The ex-Royal Navy Chief had suffered serious head injuries which caused him to have memory loss. This memory loss caused him to forget anything after two days. Endal just like his own had his own problems, suffering from unbearable joint ache in his front legs left many wondering if he was even able enough to serve as a service dog. Endal was highly intelligent and used his intelligence to prove his worth.

Labrador Retriever Saves Disabled Owner

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Endal was able to learn sign language and was able to retrieve the important things Parton wanted. Endal even learned how to use an ATM card and helped Parton while shopping. The incident in question happened when Parton was knocked out of his wheelchair and Endal barked till help came. Endal’s act of bravery won him the “Dog of the Millennium” award as well as several others.

Cat Calls 911

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2Cat Calls 911


Gary Rosheisen who lived in Columbus, Ohio was suffering from osteoporosis as well as was a victim of mini-strokes. In 2006 he suffered from a seizure while in his bedroom and fell down. He didn’t have his medical alert necklace on and was unable to anyone including the paramedics. Lucky for him his cat Tommy was trained to dial 911 on the telephone. Tommy was able to call the authorities and when they heard the call was silent and no one picked up when they called, they sent officer’s to Gary’s residence.

A Great Dane Saves Its Owner Twice

3A Great Dane Saves Its Owner Twice


The first incident took place in 1941 during the bomb drops over London by German soldiers. These bombs were incendiary and had a fuse. When one of these landed in Juliana’s master’s house, the quick thinking Great Dane urinated on it and was able to diffuse it. The second took place in 1944 when she was able to warn her master and the entire family about the fire in the shop they owned. For her acts, she received the Blue Cross Medal on both occasions.

A Gorilla Protects Boys Who Fell Into Its Enclosure


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