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Here Are The Reasons Why Nobody Wants To Leave Canada

By Ashish Ranjan, 22 February 2018


Canada is a beautiful country where many people like to move in. There are many things which make this country famous among people all across the world and it includes maple syrup, hockey and police on horseback. As per the reports, more than 1,00,000 people move to this beautiful country every year and they continue to live there. We are trying to find out what is great about this country so that people love to move in there.

1Canadians love to cheer other people


Canadians are very nice people and they like to keep other people happy. When they have leisure time and nothing to do, they simply love to go out and cheer other people. They can be seen holding a placard with a message written on it. This is to uplift the mood of other people.

Canadians love to cheer other people

Image Source: www.brightside.me


2 Bear-shaped license plates


Canadians used to be seen roaming in their cars with bear-shaped license plates on it. They are very creative and also love their surroundings. They also appreciate their country in best way possible. It was found in northern territory named Nunavut before 1999. 

Bear-shaped license plates

Image Source: positiv4ik.net

3Canadians love to do pranks


Canadians are also appreciated for their great sense of humor. They are always good-humoured. They also like to play prank on you. You will be amazed by their creativity while they play prank. This picture also shows an example of their pranks.

Canadians love to do pranks

Image Source: www.heasay.com

4Canada has a lot of oil


Canada is a country blessed with a lot of oil. It is at third position among the countries with the biggest amount of oil. Only Venezuela and Saudi Arabia are ahead of Canada in terms of oil reserves. Nature has also blessed this country a lot. Apart from the oil, the country has a lot of fresh water, beautiful lakes and great forests.

Canada has a lot of oil

Image Source: bugunbuldum.com

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