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Here’s What Happens To Your Body If You Eat Celery For A Week

By Andrew Alpin, 5 June 2018


A crispy green fresh celery stick contains up-to 95% water but celery has a good nutritional value especially for weight loss. As it has many effects on the body, it can be life changing and worthwhile as an important introduction to your daily diet. Here are 15 ways celery impacts your body and health.

1 It makes weight control easy

Celery other than consisting mostly of water, is also rich in vitamin K, vitamin C , Vitamin B6, B12 and many other great minerals. Although for weight control, the most important thing to remember is the low calorie count. Thus, more calories are required to digest celery compared to the calories provided by celery. Celery can be eaten either raw or can be made in to juice. Every 1.5 cups of celery juice contains only 16 calories.

It makes weight control easy

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2Reduces heartburn

People who have poor digestion systems or bad dietary choices tend to suffer a lot from heartburns or acid reflux. This green stick can be a good friend during such situations. Celery juice acts as an acid regulator in our stomach and cools down the heartburn as soon as possible. Celery juice just provides temporary pain relief. If the heartburn is still present then, you should make a visit to the nearest doctor or change your diet.

Reduces heartburn


3Kills ulcers


The “Journal of pharmaceutical biology” published a study in 2010 describing how celery contains a particular structure of ethanol which protects the lining present in our digestive tracts from stomach ulcers. Celery also contains tannins, alkaloids, flavonoids and volatile oils, which increases the rate of production of protective mucus and liquids in the inner walls of our intestines.

Reduces heartburn

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4It has Anti-inflammatory properties

Our body’s immune system responds to infection and irritation by producing an inflammation so that the germs and infection do not spread around the body. It is necessary to regulate the swelling and its effects. Celery helps us in this way as it has anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant properties. It can be shown very visibly by our gums, skin and eyes. The contrast of our teeth becomes lighter because of the increase in calcium.

Kills ulcers

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5Prevents Dehydration

Products which have a high content of water will keep providing our system with water, without allowing it to dehydrate. Cucumber (up-to 98%) and Celery (close to 95%) are the food products which contain the most water.

It has Anti-inflammatory properties

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