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20 Photos That Define The Ups and Downs Of A Mother’s Life

By Meera Kaushal, 17 May 2018

Becoming a mother is the greatest joy that any woman can get but for enjoying this moment, a woman has to go through a lot, from carrying a life in her womb for nine months to bear severe pain while giving birth to the child. During these nine months, a woman’s body experiences many changes, her mood swings a lot, she has to take medicines and in some cases, she may be asked by her doctor to quit eating her favorite food items because it may not be suitable for a pregnant mother and her baby.

However, things are not easy even after she becomes a mother and she has to learn a lot while bringing up her child.

We are paying a tribute to the motherhood with 20 photos showing the problems faced by a mother but presented in a comic style:

1 When your kid sleeps in your lap

Making a toddler sleep is a pretty difficult task until and unless the kid is not tired and they normally sleep in the lap of mother. After that, the mother has to wait for a little so that the kid goes deep into sleep and she can put him on the bed but till then she is not in a position to move or hold on to something because she fears of the kid getting awake. 

When your kid sleeps in your lap

Image Source: newmomcomics.com

2A player comes alive in a mother

As the kids grow up, they tend to throw their belongings such as toys in the whole house and mother has to walk carefully saving herself from falling. The kids love teasing their mothers while eating food or when mom tries to apply cream or powder on their body. This is the time when a mother becomes a player as she has to run and catch her kid.

 Player comes alive in a mother

Image Source: scienceofparenthood.com

3When the teacher sends lice letter at home

This is something which is experienced by the mothers of daughters as they have long hair and sometimes these long hair become home to lice. Mother try their best to keep their daughter’s head clean but still when she gets a letter from the school asking her to clean her daughter’s head, she feels like this only.

When the teacher sends lice letter at home

Image Source: www.patreon.com

4Mothers are judged a lot

People tend to judge mothers a lot based on how they keep their kids, what she gives them to eat or buys for them, how she dresses them. But if a father is seen taking care of his kids, he very easily earns the title of a great father and people appreciate him, despite the fact that nobody takes care of the kid more than the mother. 

Mothers are judged a lot

Image Source: momcomic.com

5Old times were so good

During the phase when the kids are growing, they are naughty and tend to make a mess of the house so whenever mother picks up the old album and see how clean her house was when the kid was a toddler, she feels like this.

Old times were so good

Image Source: momcomic.com

6Teenagers are not easy to handle

Teenage is a very important phase for the kids and parents, especially mothers need to be very supportive of them. However, with the growing influence of smartphones, the life of teenagers is getting revolved around the smartphones so if you need to call them for dinner, you need to dial their number, even if they are at home in their room. 

Teenagers are not easy to handle

Image Source: mystylenews.com

7Creative gifts by kids

Kids try to make gifts for their mothers when they learn art and craft but the problem is that they want their mother to wear them all the time. It may be problematic for those mothers the most who are working women and they may feel uncomfortable. 

Creative gifts by kids

Image Source: scienceofparenthood.com

8 When a mother joins gym

Life becomes pretty tough for a mother and she desperately craves for the moment when she is alone and can take rest but then who will handle the kid. The gym with a kid daycare gives the facility to the mother to spend some time alone. 

When a mother joins gym

Image Source: amazonaws.com

9When a daughter becomes a mother

It is absolutely clear that children will get to understand the problems faced by their parents while upbringing them only when they themselves become parents and when a daughter realizes it, this is what she does.

When a daughter becomes a mother

Image Source: pinimg.com

10Instant change of behavior

Mothers know how to handle their kids but they can’t be harsh to their kids in front of other people in public places such as mall, etc., so whenever someone sees her scolding the kid, she instantly changes gear and shows as if they are having a good time. 

Instant change of behavior

Image Source: www.facebook.com/HedgerHumor

11Meeting for a coffee with a friend

If two female friends meet for coffee with their kids, they can hardly sit together and have a cup of coffee peacefully as their kids will take up their time and the scene will be quite like this. Once again the ladies will plan to meet the next time and the kids will hae= 

Meeting for a coffee with a friend

Image Source: cdninstagram.com

12How physical intimacy goes for a toss after kid’s birth

This is how the life of a couple changes after the birth of the baby as the mother is always engrossed with the work of her kid and there is nothing else that she cares about.

 How physical intimacy goes for a toss

Image Source: nieuws.nl

13When new mothers meet

A newborn baby has an irregular pattern of sleeping so the new mothers are always asking each other that whether their kids sleep or not. Kids can wake up at any time and as they wake up mothers also need to wake up to take care of them. 

When new mothers meet

Image Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

14You look like your daddy

A mother keeps the child in her womb for nine months, bear labor pains and then she get operated but what for, to see that her kid looks like his dad and not like her. Just imagine how a mother feels when she did all the hard work but the result is like the dad.

You look like your daddy

Image Source: newmomcomics.com

15A trip to dentist

Life becomes so messy for a woman as her kids grow, so whenever she gets some time to spend alone, she loves it. In fact, even if she gets a chance to visit a dentist without a kid, it is like a visit to a spa. 

Trip to dentist

Image Source: mystylenews.com

16Mobile phone attraction

Every mother must have experienced this. Her kids may have been sitting quietly for a long time but as she gets a phone call, her kids started seeking her attention. In fact, if she has more than one kid than all the kids will like to take away that phone from their mother. 

Mobile phone attraction

Image Source: scienceofparenthood.com

17Getting kids ready is a big task

Kids love to live as per their will, they don’t like to take pressure so how much you tell them to get ready, they will do it when they will feel like. Getting kids ready for going out is not an easy task as first they may take a lot of time in deciding which dress to wear, etc. Sometimes, the mother gets exhausted while trying to get them ready and this is how she feels. 

Getting kids ready is a big task

Image Source: mystylenews.com

18Where does mother gets energy from

As the kids give sleepless nights to the mother, have you ever thought from where these mothers get their energy? Well the formula to their energy is milk with double caffeine. As we all know, caffeine doesn’t let a person sleep and this is how the mothers are able to handle the kids.

Where does mother gets energy from

Image Source: scienceofparenthood.com

19Kids can be naughty at times

A mother loves it when her toddler comes running to her and get into her arms but what will you say when you see that the toddler cleaned his mouth at her mother’s dress and goes back to play as usual. 

Kids can be naughty at times

Image Source: newmomcomics.com

20Nighttime talks by the kids

Kids are energetic and they are not as tired as their parents, so when the parents push them to sleep, they try to remain awake as much as possible. This is the time when they will tell their mother about what happen with them in the whole day and poor mother would feel sleepy.

 Nighttime talks by the kids

Image Source: scienceofparenthood.com