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Tibetan Model’s Unconventional Beauty Shakes The Modeling World

By Meera Kaushal, 28 June


Gone are the days when only conventional and classical beauties ruled the ramp. The modeling world has become a place where people with unconventional looks are also leaving their mark. Today, we are talking about this specific Tibetan model named, Tsunaina who has become a sensation with her strikingly beautiful and unique facial features. Just take a look at her photographs and you will know what we mean.

1 ‘Out of the world’ features

Quite rightly, her features are being termed as ‘out of the world.’ She is a beauty in the most unconventional of terms and that is what makes her so appealing. We have not seen lips that are as perfectly pouty as hers. She has amazingly slanted eyes and numerous beauty marks over her face, which looks perfectly crafted because of the chiseled jaw-line. Wait till you see the most striking feature of her face.

‘Out of the world’ features

Image Source: stackpathdns.com

2That Nose and the bridge

This is what we and the entire modeling world are talking about. Not everyone in this world has such features and finding a nose like that is almost an impossible task. This is what makes Tsunaina so attractive and unique. If you are wondering where have you seen a nose like that then check out the next segment of this article.

That Nose and the bridge

Image Source: stackpathdns.com

3Here is your answer


Yes, this is the character many in the world are getting reminded of, after looking at Tsunaina’s pictures. Her fans have actually been comparing her features to Neytiri from the blockbuster movie Avatar. What do you say?

Here is your answer

Image Source: thr.com

4Where was she founded?

Descending from Tibet, Tsunaina lives in the UK and was chosen by a random stroke of luck. Just like many models who are contacted by modeling agencies after they see them roaming on the street, she too was scouted from the streets only and from that moment onwards, there has been no looking back for her.

Where was she founded?

Image Source: www.elitereaders.com

5Not as tall as other models

Standing at 5’5, she certainly doesn’t have the height that is mostly required in the modeling world. But, her unique beauty is what compensates for that angle as well. Let’s be honest, she does look like a total stunner even if she doesn’t have that tall frame.

Not as tall as other models

Image Source: znews-photo-td.zadn.vn

6Her beauty spots!


The presence of many moles on her face does not make her feel uncomfortable as it makes others. She embraces her beauty spots and effectively exudes magnificence through her face. In fact, one of the followers on Instagram had also said, “Makes me feel less insecure about my beauty mark.”

Her beauty spots!

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7Gaining popularity

Her beauty has been gaining her immense popularity and today she has around 214k followers on Instagram, who keep commenting on her special features. Even though she doesn’t have many posts on her Instagram profile, her fans are certainly increasing day-by-day, all thanks to largely her nose.

Gaining popularity

Image Source: www.elitereaders.com

8Success in the Modeling World

Her career is soaring high and her accomplishments are making her an even bigger name. She has walked at the London Fashion Week and has even worked for Christian Dior. She has been hired by the Squad Management as well. All this is just the starting of a high-profile career and looking at her enigmatic beauty, she has the capability to reach the stars for sure.

Success in the Modeling World

Image Source: eastday.com

9What makes her truly beautiful?


You have seen her photographs and can understand why she is so different and amazing, but that is not what truly makes her beautiful. Her beauty lies in her accepting herself as she is and then making her features stand out. Beauty is in the boldness of accepting your uniqueness and then wearing that aspect with such confidence that the world takes notice. And that is exactly why Tsunaina has been able to connect with so many people.

What makes her truly beautiful

Image Source: www.kaoded.com

10Inspiring others

When someone with unique features embraces them and showcases the world their true potential, the world stands up to those people and claps in unison. This is what Tsunaina has been doing and in the process has made people fall in love with everything that she does.

Inspiring others

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11The new crop of models who are being celebrated for their uniqueness

In this era of internet celebrities, a lot of people have been coming up in front of the world with looks that may not come in the category of ‘conventionally beautiful,’ but their confidence makes them outshine. Tsunaina is among those models that have been showing to the world that beauty is not just perfection. Take a look at some of the models who have become popular for some or the other special aspect of the body.

The new crop of models who are being celebrated for their uniqueness

Image Source: elle.in

12 Winnie Harlow


Tyra Banks, the host of America’s Next Top Model found Winnie Harlow on Instagram and put her on the show, subsequently. Winnie has a very prominent form of vitiligo, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing a career in modeling. After her appearance in the show, she even became the face of Desigual. Since then, she has walked the ramp at many fashion shows and has also done campaigns for Swarovski and Diesel.

Winnie Harlow

Image Source: elle.in

13Sophia Hadjipanteli

The one aspect that makes Sophia different from all other pretty faces on your Instagram feed is her unattended unibrow, which she embraces like a boss. Sophia chooses to not comply with societal norms of beauty in a certain way and in that effort she has become a sensation of sorts as she is loved by some and frowned by some, for her decision of looking in a certain way.

Sophia Hadjipanteli

Image Source: elle.in

14Khoudia Diop

Diop is someone who was teased during her childhood for being exceptionally dark, but over the years she came to accept this aspect of her identity just as it is and made a mark for herself with exactly what was conventionally not attractive according to the society. After becoming a star on Instagram, the Senegalese model moved to New York and became a part of the campaign for Coloured Girl Project. She has even done a campaign for the cosmetics brand Make Up For Ever.

Khoudia Diop

Image Source: elle.in

15Viktoria Modesta


Viktoria Modesta had to make a decision to amputate her leg for safeguarding her health and to have better mobility. She started modeling at the age of 15 and is now a singer-songwriter and a performance artist, who doesn’t let her weakness stop her. In fact, she works to make it look like art by giving herself different appendages in different situations.

Viktoria Modesta

Image Source: elle.in