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15 Things Happy Couples Usually Do Before They Go to Sleep



In today’s busy hectic world, quality time spent between couples is growing lesser by the day. This is why the few precious hours which couples get with each other before sleeping should be spent in conversation and sharing the experience of the day together. This develops sharing of love and affection they have for each other. Instead of worrying and hurrying about getting to sleep so that you get ready for yet another day of work do not miss out on this quality time which you can spend with each other. According to psychologists, here’s what happy couples do before they sleep.

1 Switch of your phones and put them away

No matter how important your phone is for your work and connectivity, it can always be switched off for a while or better still put on mute after 9 pm. You can spend some good times with your partner. Being dependent on social media actually reduces the production of oxytocin in the body responsible for bonding and intimacy. According to a psychotherapist Carol Carey, the simple rule is simply switch off your phones sharp at 9 pm. 

Switch of your phones and put them away

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2Forget about work issues

The dumbest thing which you can possibly do is to sift through your Facebook messages and check your email when you are lying in the bed with your partner. This is annoying and downright rude on so many levels. Rather you should ask about your partner’s day and listen out. Talk about pleasant stuff, crack jokes, share funny incidents at work or make plans for the weekend or a trip. This would relax you as well as cement the bond between the two. 

Forget about work issues

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3Happy couples go to bed at the same time


Conventional couples who work different shifts might have a genuine reason not to see each other, but those who work day shifts and don’t see each other the entire day should least try to coordinate bedtime and performing activities together like making the bed, or brushing your teeth. Trying this can be fun. These activities maintain the intimacy and the affection in the relationship.

 Happy couples go to bed at the same time

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4Follow a routine

Create a pre-bedtime ritual like putting down curtains, making the bed, fluffing up pillows etc. This creates a pattern which sends signals to our brain of approaching bedtime and prepares your mind and body for a good night sleep. Sharing these routines with your partner would make it ten times more fun for intimacy and strengthen the trust.

Follow a routine

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5Indulge in a heart-to-heart talk

One must always try to pay full attention to each other especially if you are a working couple. It’s extremely crucial to unload your problems or bad experiences with someone whom you can implicitly rely on and trust. Your partner is the ideal one who would be judgmental, pass comments or provide impractical solutions.

 couple talking to eachother

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6Express your feelings to each other


According to Psychotherapist Ryan Howes, couples should try speaking positive thoughts and express hopeful ideas and feelings to one another. This will motivate your partner to look forward to their day ahead. A partner must always be the beacon of positivity and inspiration for each other. 

Express your feelings to each other

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7Assert your love to one another

Forget about all what happened during your day because this is the moment reserved only for your partner. The most important aspect is to assert how much you love or miss your partner. If you both are working couples, love texts and messages would keep the sparks alive. When together be sincere about your feelings of love and yes express them as no one is a mind reader. 

Assert your love to one another

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8Don’t hit below the belt

While a healthy argument is good once in a way because happy couples aren’t living always on cloud nine and life isn’t a bed of roses. But avoid malicious and heated arguments and never throw the failures, disappointments or losses into your partner’s face which is hitting below the belt. It hurts! But, fighting and arguing should never be done before bed. 

healthy argument

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9Never fight before sleeping

There is no bigger relationship destroyer than fighting and arguing before going to bed. One must never go to sleep angry. Whatever be the reason of misunderstanding try to figure it out before you hit the bed. Moreover, anger further depresses the mood and makes it harder to sleep which would make you grumpy in the morning as well. So as they say” kiss and make up” before you go to sleep. 

Never fight before sleeping

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10Keep your bedroom a child-free one

Your children are important, but couples need their privacy and space too. According to many psychologists, counterintuitive as it may sound, one must make the habit of making your children sleep in their own bed. You should only allow your children to sleep in your bed when they have a nightmare or are cared. The bedroom should be a private space for everyone and you need to have the safety and privacy to inculcate intimacy which you will not have with a pair of wrestling and whining kids with you. 

Keep your bedroom a child-free

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11Keep pets off your bed

Yes, it is a heart-breaking rule too but it’s logical as well. According to research, nearly 63% of people who cuddle with their furry friends at night do not get enough sleep. Moreover, the simple fact that your pet is bound to get restless many times at night and shift around, it is bound to break your sleep. So if you really need to have your cuddly friends with you always make a separate bed for them and discipline them to lie there. Your bed should always be off the limits. 

Keep pets off your bed

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12Don’t drink alcohol or smoke before bed


Unlike the popular belief a glass of wine before sleep might create a romantic atmosphere but it drastically reduces the restorative period of your sleep. So the next morning would be anything but romantic as you might have a hangover, get tired, nauseated and irritable which does nothing to strengthen the love between couples. Furthermore, alcohol may induce snoring and smoking causes insomnia which would completely annihilate your conjugal intimacy for sure.

 glass of wine before sleep

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13Give each other a nice sensual massage

A light and relaxing massage do wonders to a tired and exhausted body; it reduces stress, anxiety and improves sleep quality as well. Added to these obvious advantages when these massages are given by your loved partner it makes it much more romantic and intimate, so take turns and have fun. 

sensual massage

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14Never utter the breakup word

Unless you never have valid reasons for a break-up, allowing usual arguments to influence you to speak out harshly and talk about separation is stupid actually because if you truly love your partner, you will, of course, want to be with them after you cool down. Today, in an egoistic and individualistic society, couples separate for flimsy reasons. Many happy couples though they may argue will always invariably cuddle each other and sleep even if it is with a grumpy face and more often than not, men please take note!! Your woman even when angry may expect you to give her a cuddle at night even though she may not say or act so. 

relationship argument

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15Love means never having to say you’re sorry, so sleep without conditions


There is no such thing as being condescending in love and relationships and if you remember that most beautiful quote, Love means never having to say you’re sorry will work wonders for any relationship. Going to bed knowing that despite any friction, the bond between you can never be broken is the utmost thought in your mind and before you know it, you will be waking up in each other’s arms. 

Couple holding hands and sleeping

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