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15 Photos That Prove Japan Is Clearly Not Like Any Other Country Out There

By Nenad Dojcinovski, 4 June 2018

We all come from special and unique places. We're not trying to be polite or nice here, but this is the truth. Just think about, if you were born and raised in Japan the facts you're about to see wouldn't be so entertaining to you. Japan wouldn't be a country like no other because you're used to the culture and the way society works in general.

But this is not a rule that stands only for Japan. You can come from any other place from this Planet and that place would be unique to strangers.

The things that make Japan unique are quite extraordinary. And when we say extraordinary, we don't mean flashy cars and luxury. It's the little things and details that make Japan such a unique place.

If you haven't been in Japan yet, this list you're about to see will probably change your mind.

1Polite bus drivers.

We've seen workers going on strike in almost every country out there. It doesn't even matter if the country is rich or poor, when workers go to strike they usually block roads and refuse to work until the government agrees to their terms…but not Japan bus drivers.

Polite bus drivers.

Image Source: static.boredpanda.com

2The blind can read the cans.

This is indeed a little detail but it's enough for us to know that Japan cares about everybody. We haven't yet seen a can with braille on the top. It's always important to know what you're drinking and the same goes for people who are visually impaired.

The blind can read the cans.

Image Source: static.boredpanda.com

3The Fifa World Cup match from 2014.

Football or soccer is the most famous sport in the world by a distance. Which means that a football match, especially when it comes to the World Cup, is a sensation indeed. And after every big sports event there's always a pile of trash that needs to be cleaned. The Japanese fans know this, and that's why they stayed after the game to help clean up the mess.

The Fifa World Cup match from 2014.

Image Source: static.boredpanda.com

4Unusual baby seats.

Robots, talking dogs and a handful of other innovations are a result of Japan's urge for innovation. They do have those gigantic robots that look a bit scary if we're being honest, but it's not all about showing off when it comes to original ideas. Take a look at these unusual but useful baby seats that you can find in most of Japan's bathrooms for example.

Unusual baby seats.

Image Source: static.boredpanda.com

5Hospital food in Japan.

Let's say you're visiting Japan and you break a leg (God forbid) or you have some minor injury by accident. Just take a look at the food they serve in hospitals! You can easily publish the images above on Instagram and tag yourself in some fancy hotel instead of a hospital.

Hospital food in Japan.

Image Source: static.boredpanda.com

6Simple but yet a brilliant idea

We don't always need a billion dollar investment or an idea to protect the environment. Simple and effective things work can work too. Just take a look at this Japanese invention where people can wash their hands and reuse the water for the next flush.

Simple but yet a brilliant idea

Image Source: static.boredpanda.com

7The manhole covers

Graffiti looks cool and there's plenty of modern cities and countries where you can easily find amazingly done graffiti. But manhole covers? That's something new and a whole different story. It seems like Japan is the only place where people can turn the sewage cover into form of art.

The manhole covers

Image Source: static.boredpanda.com

8The students do the cleaning themselves

We've already established that Japanese people take care of their environment, and now we know why. As you can see in the picture above, the kids are doing all the cleaning and school in Japan don't have custodians.

The students do the cleaning themselves

Image Source: static.boredpanda.com

9When accidents happen

Don't you hate when you park your car and when you come back you find a new scratch on it? Well, this is not something that you'll experience in Japan. The note and the money from the picture above shows how polite the Japanese people actually are. This is what the note says: "I accidentally knocked over your bike and broke the bell. I am very sorry"

When accidents happen

Image Source: static.boredpanda.com

10The bullet train

The bullet train is most probably the fastest train in the world. It was built to go fast, which means you would expect if there was a bit of compromise when it comes to comfort. But as you can notice, the bullet train is as fast as it is comfortable.

The bullet train

Image Source: static.boredpanda.com

11When you lose something

We can easily name bunch of cities where you really need to watch your stuff if you don't want to lose them. But we're not going to do that. Someone lost the shopping bag from the pic above and he found it untouched the next day under a tree.

When you lose something

Image Source: static.boredpanda.com

12Power in numbers

And yet another example of what being a society really means. It's all about teamwork when it comes to situations like this one. A whole group of people pushed a train to rescue a woman who fell and got stuck between the car and the platform.

Power in numbers

Image Source: static.boredpanda.com

13Fish in drainage channels

You can't associate fish with drainage channels. In matter of fact, you can't associate any other living organism with drainage channels. But it's a different story when it comes to Japan. As you can see, there's a group of beautiful fishes swimming in the drainage channel.

Fish in drainage channels

Image Source: static.boredpanda.com

14Another cool toilet innovation.

The first toilet innovation on this list was all about taking care of the environment, and that was great. But sometimes we can't do what we really want to do in public toilets because we feel uncomfortable. If that's the case with you as well, Japan has the solution. All you have to do is press the music button and white noise/water sound will play so you can poop without disturbing other people.

Another cool toilet innovation.

Image Source: static.boredpanda.com

15You simply got to love Japan!

And the last picture sums it all up. Isn't it awesome when every single person follows the rules? You might be in a hurry, but the guy next to you might be in a hurry as well. Instead of going in front of the line, we should all work as a team and take Japan as an example!

You simply got to love Japan!

Image Source: static.boredpanda.com

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