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15 Facts About Extravagant Dubai That You Thought Were True But They’re Actually Not

By Nenad Dojcinovski, 5 April 2018

The beautiful almighty Dubai. The city that never sleeps…wait isn’t that New York? Well, it is but Dubai is not that far away. Dubai is indeed a definition of luxury. If success was a city it would definitely be Dubai.

Even if you break the law, let’s say you’re driving way above the speed limit in your car, the Police is not going after you in just any regular Police car. No Sir!

They’re using Lambos and Ferraris and what not. And you know you’re in one of the most luxuries places on Earth when the Police is driving Ferraris.

Or at least that’s what they want us to believe and that’s how they promote the city. But nothing on this world is perfect, and plenty of those mind-blowing facts about Dubai that you’ve seen online are actually not the truth.

Don’t get us wrong, Dubai is still a beautiful city. But we just want to make sure you’re aware of the fact that not the whole Police force is driving Ferraris after all.

1Dubai is the capital of billionaires

This seems about right and logical. The city looks perfect for billionaires. It looks like it was built just so the richest people on Earth could have tons of fun. But that’s not actually the case. Out of 5,000 US dollar billionaires in the world, only 20 of them live in Dubai.

But you don’t have to be a billionaire to be considered rich. There’s plenty of millionaires that live in Dubai.

Dubai is the capital of billionaires

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2There is no poverty in Dubai

Super high buildings, awesome cars all over the place and the most luxuries restaurants you can find. There’s no way that you find poor people actually living in Dubai, right? Well, if we count the migrants, there’s plenty of poor people living in Dubai. The average salary of a migrant worker is $200-$350.

You can easily find countries where the average salary is even lower. But if you consider the fact that life in Dubai is super expensive, $200-$350 per month is far from enough to live a decent life.

labours in dubai

Image Source: www.tbtbangla.com

3Dubai is a perfect place for bringing up kids

Dubai natives are having a great time rising their kids in Dubai. You know why? Because the education for them is free. On the other hand, migrants have to pay $100,000 for 11 years of education, and we’re talking about public schools here. That’s why most migrants leave their kids in their native countries. And we can only imagine what the costs of a university degree are!

Dubai Modern Education School

Image Source: eletsonline.com

4Dubai is a country

Even though it looks like one, Dubai is not a country. Dubai is actually a city in the UAE, and it’s not even the capital. Out of the 7 emirates in the UAE, Abu Dhabi is the capital.

Dubai is a country

Image Source: brightside.me

5There is no alcohol in Dubai

This is just not possible. With that many tourists coming from all over the world, you simply can’t forbid alcohol. Natives in Dubai are not allowed to drink alcohol, but this rule does not count for tourists and non-Muslims. You can pretty much buy alcohol in almost every hotel in Dubai.

no alcohol in Dubai

Image Source: boardingarea.com

6There is no unemployment in Dubai

Well, if we consider the fact that Dubai is deports home expats without working visas within 30 days, than yes, there is no unemployment in Dubai. But what about locals? Just like we mentioned earlier, higher education in any university of the world is paid by the government of the UAE, if you’re a native of course.

no unemployment in Dubai

Image Source: www.borgenmagazine.com

7Dubai is an ecologically clean city

Dubai certainly likes to think of itself as an ecologically clean city, but that’s not the case. Even if you take the absence of a unified waste management system and continued rise of the population aside, you still have a city that is full with super-cars and not Toyotas or Teslas.

Dubai is an ecologically clean city

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8It’s an eternal summer in Dubai, and the weather is always good

When it comes to “weather is always good” we really need to define “good” before we cause any confusion. It’s definitely hot, and the sky is often gray due to the large amount of dust in the air. That’s how a desert climate looks like, and you be judge when it comes to “the weather is always good.”

weather in dubai

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9It took many years for Dubai to reach its current level

You should never underestimate the power and money of oil. The emirates united in 1971, and that’s when Dubai started to grow as well. We’re talking about a relatively young city that’s constantly amazing us with its innovations and exciting projects.

selfie on burj khalifa

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10The police in Dubai use only luxury cars

This is a completely false fact, because the Dubai’s Police uses regular cars like BMW, Audi and Toyota as well. They do have flamboyant super-cars in the force, and they’re not just a show off. There’s plenty of wild super-cars in Dubai and the Police simply has to keep up with the horsepower.

Dubai Police cars

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11Everything is automated in Dubai

You may not be blow away by air conditioning at bus stops, air conditioning at ATMs but have you ever seen a robot-policemen? If you haven’t, Dubai is the place to visit if you want to see how the future will look like. But this technology and automation is not all over Dubai. Only the better parts are automated and ready for the future.

robot-policemen in dubai

Image Source: www.arabianbusiness.com

12Cheetahs and lions are pets in Dubai

It is a fact that cats are more preferable than dogs by the locals, but ordinary cats. Not lions or cheetahs. In fact, it’s against the law in Dubai to keep a wild animal and you can end up 6 months in jail for it. Or with a penalty from $2,700 to $138,00.

pets in Dubai

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13Dubai consists of skyscrapers

Just like any other tourist destination, people want to see the exciting stuff when they visit Dubai. That’s why you end up with seeing pictures of gigantic buildings all over social media from people who went to Dubai. But the truth is, Dubai is a city of contrasts. This means that Dubai has 163-floor skyscrapers, but you can also find one-story houses and regular apartment buildings as well.

Dubai consists of skyscrapers

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14Mainly Arabs and locals live in Dubai

Only about 9% of the population are actually locals, and 91% of the population come from other countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Arabs and locals live in Dubai

Image Source: www.dailystar.co.uk

15The wealth of Dubai appeared thanks to oil

Well, yes and no. Before oil, Dubai was famous for pear diving, an extremely profitable business. If you’ve ever heard about the Persian Gulf, you know that the jewelry coming from there is highly valued.

wealth of Dubai

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