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15 Facepalm Situations With Children That Parents Were Definitely Not Ready For

By Nenad Dojcinovski, 22 May 2018

We all love kids, especially our kids. Sometimes the love is real, and other times we simply have to love them. The Instagram pictures and stories we see all over social media is just one half of story. The other half of the story is a bit different, and most parents do not want to share it online.

But thankfully, we have a compilation of images that tell it like it is. Being a parent is not an easy job. You constantly have to deal with kids, and that’s not even the real problem. The problem is, we often forget the fact that we were kids as well.

We did stupid and silly things and our parents had to deal with it. That’s just how it is. If you’re a parent, you’ll completely understand the list you’re about to see.

But if you’re not, do not worry. Because these little silly moments are the memories you’ll miss the most when your kids grow up.

1There’s no rule when it comes to cake

Kids don’t care about cake patterns or anything. They’ll go straight in the middle and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can try, but it won’t be easy to explain the reason why you need to follow a rule when it comes to cutting the cake.

No rule when it comes to cake

Image Source: brightside.me

2What’s going on?

A picture is worth a thousand words, but not in this case. You probably have no idea why this kid is crying. Well, his parent broke his cheese in half and that’s pretty much it. That is the only reason why this kid is crying like it just finished watching Bambi.

Crying baby

Image Source: brightside.me

3There has to be something wrong

There’s a little crying child laying on the floor. The possibilities are endless here. He broke his toy? There’s no cake left? No ice-cream? Nope, that’s not the case. This kid is crying because he doesn’t want to go, even though his parents repeatedly told him that they’re not going anywhere.

Crying baby on the floor

Image Source: narvalinn.ee

4It’s nap time when they feel like it

This kid is a true hero in a way. Some people have difficulties with sleeping when they buy a new pillow, and check this kid out. He’s sleeping so peacefully on a sink! This is probably the most uncomfortable sleeping positing we’ve ever seen, but hey…it’s nap time.

Nap time on the sink

Image Source: diply.com

5But how?

We stand corrected. The sink is not the most uncomfortable sleeping position we’ve ever seen. A shopping cart full with groceries is the most uncomfortable sleeping position we’ve ever seen. Never mind the fact that you’re using a can for a pillow, but how can someone sleep in such a noisy place?

Sleeping in the shopping cart

Image Source: www.tabascohoy.com

6It can be beneficial as well

Isn’t this a match made in heaven? The dad is a true gamer and the baby doesn’t mind the sleeping position or place. But we bet that mom wasn’t the one who took the picture. The dad would be in a lot of trouble if this image ends up on mom’s Facebook feed.

Baby sleeping in lap

Image Source: brightside.me

7Taking selfies is not just a grownup thing

You can’t really see anything besides the hair, but this selfie is still more entertaining than a duck face one. Well, it’s not really a selfie but it’s more like a whole album. Either way, the kid has a pretty trending hairstyle.

Taking selfies

Image Source: viralhud.com

8The original gifts

These gifts don’t have any particular use but they do have a huge value. You’re going to keep this gifts as long as you live, and they will always put a smile on your face and bring back precious memories.

The original gifts

Image Source: narvalinn.ee

9Hit the brake

As you can see in the picture above, the baby is clearly in control of the throttle pedal but the dad was fast enough to hit the brake pedal as well. So who’s really in control here? It seems like the brake pedal won’t last long enough to stop this baby from his destination.

Hit the brake

Image Source: www.instagram.com

10Both hands on the wheel

On the other hand, in this situation we have a quite different scenario. The father probably has control over both pedals, but the daughter has both hands on the wheel and she’s not letting go. We’re not sure how this situation will unfold, but it will be quite entertaining.

Kids holding shopping cart

Image Source: www.instagram.com

11This is how patience looks like

The parents are not the only people in the household that will have to deal with sill kid stuff. Pets, dogs and cats will be put to the test as well. And as we can notice in the picture above, this pup poses the patience required to participate in the family games.

This is how patience looks like

Image Source: brightside.me

12This was a mistake

Everyone knows that you can’t let a baby feed itself. Even people who’re not parents are aware of the messy consequences that follow when a baby takes control over his feeding time. But this is probably a lesson that this parent had to learn the hard way.

Kid eating food

Image Source: Izismile.com

13The awkward homework

Even when they look like they’re not paying attention, they do and this is what happens. But this is not even embarrassing compared to the hilarious work of arts we’ve seen previously. And we all do it. We all like to sit on the couch and text people.

Sketch made by kid

Image Source: CatDumb.com

14They can get disoriented

She looks like Mom so she probably is. But why are we standing in this place for over 15 minutes. She’s probably talking on the phone, but I’m too busy looking at that awesome Christmas tree and I can’t notice that this is actually a plastic doll.

They can get disoriented

Image Source: moderator.az

15Where’s the lollipop?

This kid really looks like it comes from a famous goofy cartoon or something. And we bet he was searching the lollipop this whole time. He probably got a new one because he started crying and the parents noticed the missing lollipop afterwards.

Where’s the lollipop

Image Source: www.instagram.com