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Here’s What Will Happen To Your Body if You Eat Oats Everyday

By KK Angus, 1 April


You hear everyone raving about oats and how it helps them get in shape. If you have ever questioned the hype of an oatmeal diet or have wondered if you should take it up, we have got a lot of information which will help you make up your mind. But you shouldn't just start an oatmeal-based diet just because we say so. You must study why it works and understand how exactly it works so that you can focus on the problems you have and set your priorities. So how exactly does oats help and why do you need it? And what will happen if you eat oats every day? 

1What are oats?

Oats are basically a grain which are very rich in fibre and protein and helps in your metabolism. You've perhaps heard your doctor or your trainer talk about metabolism a number of times. Turns out it is very essential to have a sound metabolism to keep your weight in check. Oats have soluble dietary fibres which help you to keep cholesterol levels in check and boosts energy. In fact, Hollywood celebs who are also fitness experts like Gwyneth Paltrow and Julianne Hough, swear by an oatmeal diet to stay in shape. You'll get glowing skin.

What are oats

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2Skin care

Do you know your skin will get unbelievably hydrated and clear if you start eating oatmeal? Oatmeal is in fact used to cure skin conditions like irritation and redness. Oats also contain zinc which is a must if you want a skin devoid of impurities and blackheads. Moreover, oats have iron which helps in keeping up the hydration levels in your skin. Oats also help in the functioning of circulation levels throughout your body, as a result of which your skin cells are renewed regularly and you don't have to suffer from dead cells which are often a major skin problem.

Skin care

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3A high source of protein


Almost every diet chart must have a healthy dose of protein in it. Especially if you're working or a student, your protein needs are most important of all as it keeps your body running. Oats are a great source of protein. A half-cup of dry oats has around 6.70 gram of protein and if a person who works out at least three days a week, has a healthy diet and eats oatmeal twice a day, he or she should be able to keep his or her body weight under control.

source of protein

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4All about detoxing

Oats are very rich in antioxidants. You've probably hear your trainer talk about getting rid of toxins or detoxing for a day or two. It basically means letting the harmful toxins leave your body. Oats contain the antioxidant avenanthramides which help in keeping blood pressure in check.

Oats are very rich in antioxidants

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5Energy boost

Oats are a big source of energy. They are rich in carbohydrates which everybody needs in order to run right. But oats doesn't let the carbs store in your body but actually helps you to burn them and create more energy. It also regulates the energy in your system so your body can utilize a bowl of oats throughout the day.

Oats are a big source of energy

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6Weight loss


Oats help in losing weight fast. Basically oats are pretty heavy and loaded up with carbs so if you have a bowl of oats you don't feel hungry for a while and hence your appetite is kept in check. Besides it helps speed up the weight loss process, which is why fitness trainers often recommend an oatmeal- based diet for anybody looking to get in shape fast. Since you consume less calories, owing to a reduced appetite, and oats help the calories you did consume, the weight loss process becomes much simpler.

Weight loss

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Did you know oats are also incredibly healthy for the heart and are often recommended to heart patients? Oats contain healthy fats which help in metabolism and gaining energy but doesn’t store the fat in the body leading to weight gain. As a result chances of heart attacks are reduced. Oats also help in the circulation of blood as it prevents the toxins from clogging up.


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8Perfect Digestion

Oats are a rich source of fibre. Your doctor or nutritionist must have told you how fibres help the body and gives you a sound digestion system, healthy bowel movement and also helps keep your appetite in check. Oats are actually made of double fibres, since they are basically grains. Hence even a small portion of oatmeal a day can bring incredible changes to your lifestyle.

Baked Oatmeal

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9Curing asthma


Did you know oats can help children if they have asthma? Doctors believe introduction of solid foods in a child's diet can help reduce risk of asthma. Oats especially are often prescribed by doctors to children who are less than six months old, so that they don't succumb to asthma as they are growing up.

Curing asthma

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10No constipation

You must have heard that older people are asked by their doctors to take oats for breakfast as it helps with their bowel movement. Since oats are so rich in fibre, they help people deal with constipation. A sound bowel system is also indicative of a healthy metabolism.

oatmeal smoothie

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11Reduces risk of cancer

The antioxidant properties of oats can help prevent cancer. A recent study involving 800,000 people has revealed that having a bowl of oatmeal porridge everyday can cut down the risk of death by cancer by 20 percent. Oats are also a known preventive item to reduce the risk of bowel cancer.

oatmeal reduses risk of cancer

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12More immunity


Did you know oats can give your immunity system a boost too? Oats work in renewing white blood cells which help in prevention of diseases and ailments. The beta-glucan present in the oats are also a major source of immunity and is especially helpful in fighting bacterial infection and respiratory diseases.

More immunity

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13Prevents hair loss

Did you know oats also help control hair loss if eaten regularly over a period of time? Since oatmeal has essential vitamins and minerals they help the roots of your hair to become stronger and also aid in hair growth.

Prevents hair loss

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14Easy to prepare

The best thing about oats is that it can be eaten in any way you like. Oatmeal is a popular breakfast meal and people often take oats with nuts, fruits and cream which also makes for a very healthy option. But oatmeal can also substitute for your main meals throughout the day. An oatmeal omelette for instance is very popular. And so are dishes like chicken oatmeal soup or breakfast oatmeal stir fry with vegetables.

Easy to prepare

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15Why does everyone swear by it?


If lifestyle gurus like Gwyneth Paltrow and Blake Lively swear by oats, there must be something to it. Hollywood A-listers have often admitted to sticking to an oatmeal-based diet if they have to lose weight fast. Oats basically fill you up and if your stomach doesn't have an appetite because it's full, you won't feel the need to eat. It reduces your calorie intake but at the same time makes sure you're getting proteins and vitamins in your system.

life style guru

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