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15 Biggest Basic Design Flaws In The Human Body That You Need To Know Right Away

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 26 June 2018


It is being said that our body is among the most complicated mechanisms present in this world. However, this complex mechanism is home to some other mechanisms which make the functioning of the body possible. But have you ever noticed that our body behaves in an unexpected manner sometimes?

This is because it also has some flaws in its designing which gives rise to surprising and strange behavior. We have to admit the fact that our human body is not perfect as Alan Mann who is a physical anthropologist by profession once said that evolution produces function and not perfection.

Here are 15 basic design flaws of our human body:

1We bite inside our mouth


We all must have bitten ourselves inside our mouth at some point of time and this is definitely one of the worst experiences that anyone can have. It is painful, takes time in healing and causes irritation because of certain food items. We can neither apply any lotion or cream on the wound nor use a bandage. It happens when a person’s attention gets diverted while chewing food and this is the time we feel the lack of coverage to protect our inner cheeks.

We bite inside our mouth

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2What is appendix doing in our body?


We have heard many times that a person got his appendix removed by an operation as it was paining but have you ever thought what does appendix do inside our body? The function of appendix is unknown but a person can live without it easily. So the question that arises here is whether the appendix is present in our body just to get infected?

What is appendix doing in our body?

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3Eyelashes failing in their purpose


The purpose of eyelashes is to protect our eyes from dust and sand particles as they can cause irritation if they enter our eyes. However, when an eyelash breaks down, it goes into our eyes and causes irritation, defeating its own purpose. The design of our eyelids can be called flawed for one more reason and that is we have only one set of eyelashes while most of the animals have two sets.

Eyelashes failing in their purpose

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4Pain in tooth is unbearable while we can live with serious disease for years without knowing


Pain in tooth can be unbearable at times and a person is not able to eat, talk or sleep without taking medication or undergoing dental procedure. The tooth problem may be very painful but one thing is for sure that it is not a life-taking disease. However most of the times, people get to know that they are suffering from a serious disease after several years as they never felt any pain due to it.

Pain in tooth is unbearable while we can live with serious disease for years without knowing

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5More than needed bones in our feet


Each foot of ours has 26 bones which mean that one-fourth of the total bones of our body are in our feet. We may face injuries in our feet because of this, such as broken ankles or sprains. However, these many bones were useful when our ape-like ancestors used to jump from one branch to another using the feet. This design is of no use now as we walk upright.

More than needed bones in our feet

Image Source: www.thepodiatrygroup.com


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