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Choose a Gem and Find out What It Reveals about Your Personality

By Andrew Alpin, 6 June 2017


Its part of human nature to be attracted towards objects but have you ever observed that what works for you doesn’t necessarily work for someone else. Why is it that you may be drawn towards the color pink when another may be drawn to the color blue? It all depends on a person’s personality traits that are influenced by external factors as advocated by the likes of astrology, palmistry and gemology.

Choose your gem

True or not, it makes interesting reading so take a good hard look at the chart and reflect on the gems for a while. Then choose one and find out what it says about you because according to gemology, gems reveal your personality.

1 The Pearl Gemstone

The pearl denotes a spiritual and dignified person with a rich sense of pride. You have a humble heart. The pearl symbolizes purity; integrity charity and wisdom. This means you are a kind and calm person who thinks before they speak. The choice of pearl also signifies a possible but positive transformation symbolic of its creation that was once a grain of sand but built up through pressure into a thing of beauty.

The Pearl Gem

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2 Ruby Gemstone

Choosing a Ruby describes you as intense, passionate and full of life. Your emotions influence people and you create waves wherever you go. But! On the flip side, you can also make people really angry. This is typical of the ruby that has a fiery temperament but is powerful and filled with light and energy.

Ruby Gem

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