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At Troab we know how important health is as a category and as such we publish you the latest scientific breakthroughs of the health and medical industry. Through well curated articles packed with information we provide all the latest health tips, do’s and don’ts, medicine, disease, first aid and health guides to educate you about healthy options in a non formal manner. On Troab you will also find the best home remedies to help you in several health conditions and problems


For all those foodies who love spending time in the kitchen, you can find the choicest of recipes, fun facts and tips on food and cooking. We also publish the best of healthy food options and provide the latest information on foods either good or bad for you. Vegans can also find some great articles on veganism and its benefits.


Get the latest happening news of the world right here on Troab. Be it politics, entertainment, Hollywood, science, medical or world news, if there is anything that makes headlines, you’ll find it non Troab. With writers on call, you will know about a world event immediately. We at Troab always believe in keeping you informed.


Want to have fun testing your Intelligence?? Then read our fun and entertaining articles on mathematical problems, quiz, evaluation tests and puzzles. We also provide you viral trends of guessing games on the internet as well as content that showcase exceptionally talented prodigies and intelligent people.

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The World and Technology is nest read about on Troab. We make scientific discoveries and the latest developments in technology simple and fun to read. Be it tips for your Android or iPhone, get the latest of tech DIY, news on medical science, the latest studies and medical breakthroughs. Hear about what NASA is up to or what new inventions and discoveries are making headline news across the world.

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How can we forget about our fur kids? For all the pet lovers out there, you’ll find loads of interesting content on Troab about animals, digs cats and other pets. Get some great tips and hacks on managing your pets. Find out what bad or good for your pet and various do’s and don’ts when having a pet at home. Our articles are packed with helpful information regarding animal pets. To keep it entertaining we also give you some entertaining videos and articles on funny pets and famous pets around the world.

DIY Ideas

Troab brings you the best of DIY (do it yourself) ideas and tips in a wide range of activity. Be it in the areas of gardening, kitchen, home or lifestyle, our helpful articles are chosen for providing accurate guidelines on such life hacks that can make life convenient both at work and home.


Like a god haunting or ghost story?? Well on Troab you can find several articles on ghosts, spirits, haunting, true paranormal events and everything about the supernatural. Find out the most haunted houses, haunted castles and true life haunting. Learn about supernatural, occult fact and listicles about topic like the Ouija board, metaphysical subjects, astrology and various supernatural subjects.

Talent Zone

On Troab we are forever looking out for news to showcase talented people. Get the best articles in facts and achievements of talent old or young. Be it in any field of science, technology, and painting, the arts, or even entertainment; hear about the best talent in the world on Troab.


Relationships are always a sensitive issue but are articles on Troab address such topics in a lighthearted manner to portray the deeper meaning of life and relationships. Be it couples or family, you will find the best articles, on love, marriage, family ties and more. Our articles on relationships are entertaining but extremely helpful in creating awareness and providing tips on keeping a positive mind.


Troab is a treasure house of facts brought to you with a little sense of humor. Be it science, celebrities, entertainment or health, we provide you with the most entertaining factual and informative articles.


Know more about who’s who in showbiz; get the latest juicy gossip on Hollywood trending around the net, read about fun facts of your favorite celebs and movies.


Troab takes you around the world with the best of top ten lists of tourist sites, amazing earth, sea beaches, wonders of the world and awesome sights that people are yet to know about.


Be it research studies, tips and guides or viral articles on the emotional side of parenting, you can find it all here on Troab helping you with information to become a better parent


At Troab, it’s all about entertainment that is why we bring you the world through an entertaining perspective giving you fun, humor and facts that will give you an interesting read.


We can’t leave you without a thought provoking tip to start your day. Read our articles on motivational and inspiring stories and human struggles that set examples put you in a happier mood.


Troab brings you psychology facts from a fun and entertaining perspective. We bring out the humor element in social behavior as well as some serious thought provoking articles to inspire you. Read about relationships and life where we give you something to think about.