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15 Things about Paul Walker That the World Never Knew

By Bincy Joseph, 8 June 2018


30 November 2013 was a black day in the Hollywood history as the world lost one of their most favourite actors “Paul Walker.” Paul’s departure was no less than a shock to the world when this superb talented actor met with an accident while returning from a charity event.

The world never thought that the man who was a professional race car driver and a 'fast and furious' driver would die in a car accident. This actor has worked in many films and had the capability of making it a hit by working on it in the most fantastic way and by bringing life into the character he played. Here are few things about this great actor that you might not have known before.

1A child actor

This is hard to believe, but this legend entered the industry when he was just two years old. He was featured for an advertisement of pampers and got in front of the camera with full confidence and paved his way from the very beginning in this showbiz industry.

A child actor

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2Acting was in his genes

Paul walkers mother was a fashion model during her time, and thus you can very well make out how this actor got the acting talent. You can say it was the acting genes that were passed to the next generation.

Acting was in his genes

Image Source: www.livinghours.com

3Child artist


Paul Walker had an aim, and he really worked for it, starting from ‘pampers' commercial at the age of two he moved further and became a child actor in his early teens. He has few TV series in his kitty such as ‘the young,’ ‘who’s the boss,’ ‘the young,’ etc.

Child artist

Image Source: www.livinghours.com

4He didn’t keep off from studies

Yes, he did become an actor from a very young age, but he maintained a balance between his acting career and his studies. He was a marine biology student and wished to take it up as a career before he got so famous that he couldn’t stop himself from taking up showbiz as his career plans.

He didn’t keep off from studies

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5First big break

The actor has many movies as a lead but do you know which was his first one? The actor got his first lead role in the film “Meet the Deedles.” This movie hit the box office but didn’t gain critic appreciation.

First big break

Image Source: www.livinghours.com


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